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APICTA AWARD 2010 Congraturation...NEOtrace is the award winner for APICTA 2010!

In e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management Category


NEOtrace is a traceability platform that provides instant access to farmers origin, processors and distribution channel. We are the pioneer in item-level traceability and provide a comprehensive suite of bulk-level traceability solutions. And more than traceability, it allows the buyers to check goods temperature which very important for product quality and recall. Temperature alert can be automatically sent directly to the authorized person both by SMS and email. With NEOtrace solutions, products track record will be up to the level, outstanding and meet to the international food safety requirements which important for buyers and sellers in Europe and USA.


TICTA AWARD 2010 NEOtrace has won TICTA award 2010(Thailand ICT Awards 2010) for agriculture program catagory in Aug 2010.


TICTA  is a national software competition organized under the co-operation of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) and The Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI). Its goal is to encourage Thai software companies to continuously enhance their product quality, prepare for a successful software promotion strategy as well as to emphasize on improving knowledge in innovation and technology.


NT-1 RFID Smart temperature logger


NT-1 RFID Smart temperature logger

NEOTrace – Contactless Temperature Logger with full on-line RFID tracking system


NEO invention is proud to present the low-cost contactless temperature logger that comes with full on-line RFID tracking system.


Now you and your customer can trace your package with temperature monitor in the same time with our free-of-charge service.



Example of NEOTrace application:






RFID Tracking



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